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It is a service offered to selected Organizations. We conduct an informal Security Status Audit in your organization so you have an initial assessment of the security framework, by an independent, external observer. Additionally, we have time with you to certify that we can offer value with our services.

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Policies & Procedures

Develop comprehensive written security policies and procedures for your company or organization. Whether you are starting from scratch or already have security policies and procedures that just need to be changed or updated, we can help

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Audits & Inspections

Complete audits based on specific standards of your organization or other bodies. Inspections based on our knowledge and experience in systems, procedures, plans. Discover the gaps and take corrective actions that will shield the future of your organization

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Education &


Whether you are looking to develop comprehensive security training programs, or individual seminars on your staff security issues, we have solutions that can prove to be very effective and useful. Whether live or online, one of our training programs will be useful.

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Security Assessment

Evaluate your current security program. Identify key assets and security risks, analyze your existing security processes and systems, and develop recommendations for cost-effective ways to improve security at your facility

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Security Systems Design

Design of electronic security systems for your facilities. In close collaboration with your staff and outside partners, we help you design buildings that are safe and economically manageable in terms of security


Security Management Plan

Evaluate your current security management plan or create a new one. Invest in effective risk management for your organization, which will ensure its smooth operation in the long run

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Emergency Management Plan (EMP)

Evaluate your current EMP or create a new one. Having a comprehensive plan and the readiness of your organization are the main factors that will judge if an emergency event in your organization will turn into a crisis. Every organization is different and this also applies to its EMP and our experienced executives know this and can help

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Crisis Management


Evaluate your current crisis management plan or create a new one. The truth is that when a crisis breaks out, there is no time to think about best actions or practices that will help you manage the crisis. Preparation is the only way and we are here to help you

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Preparation & Evaluation


Preparation of tender documents and evaluation of proposals, in order to enable the supply on competitive terms of security systems, security services and other products and services related to security



Software Translation

Greek translations of security related software (VMS, PSIM etc). Having translated software suites from reputable companies, we have the experience needed to translate into Greek the "special" language of security

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Embedded Services

Alliance Integrated Services allow you to flexibly handle the staffing needs of your business team or security department. An Alliance employee is integrated into your organization chart to manage your security operations on-site or remotely. Alliance may provide Embedded Part-time or Full-Time Services that may include technical and administrative staff, project and program managers, systems engineers, and other security-related specialties.

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