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It is a service offered to selected Organizations. We conduct an informal Security Status Audit in your organization so you have an initial assessment of the security framework, by an independent, external observer. Additionally, We have time with you to certify that we can offer value with our services.


The cost of the service starts from € 1,990

How does it work

Audit Design

We sign the NDA and agree on the fields that will be included and the resources that will be allocated for the execution of the Audit 

Audit Execution

We conduct the Audit by examining the relevant documents, an on-site visit and a meeting to discuss the checkpoints

Audit Report

Meeting for the presentation of the findings and the delivery of the audit report. Optional, initial  discussion about priorities


Urban Clouds

FocalPoint: what it is

In addition to the complete risk, threat and vulnerability assessment process, we offer the FocalPoint service, both as an initial assessment of your Organization's Security status and as an assessment of Alliance's ability to add value to your Organization. It is a less complete activity and provides a snapshot of the current state of certain areas of your security infrastructure. It focuses less on identifying threats and risks and more on the current state of the specific areas under consideration.


After discussion, we will agree on which areas will be evaluated as well as determine the criteria on the basis of which the evaluation will be carried out. Typically, areas of evaluation may include the following:

  • Policies and procedures

  • Security systems

  • Security staff

  • Response to security events

  • Trainins / Security Culture

The FocalPoint service is the ideal way to develop a fast  understanding of various aspects of your security function, and focus your efforts on those areas that align with your organization's goals and capabilities.

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