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Alliance Security Consulting

Passion for perfection

At a seminar abroad, I was asked what the term Safety means to me. I gave the following definition, which also applies to the term security:


Vasilis Dakouris. Founder

"A state, which is the outcome of well-designed measures,

built upon well-informed decisions,

against well-defined risks "

At Alliance, we are passionate about providing results based on the above wording on Safety and Security. After 20 years in the Greek market and having worked with the leading companies and customers in the field, we have found that in the vast majority of cases all three axes that are necessary to achieve Safety and Security are not adequately covered.

Thus, we work very closely with all involved groups of our clients to explore these axes and create the conditions for the enjoyment of the highest social good of Security.

We remain informed of all developments in the industry, both in risk management and electronic Security & Control systems, and thus we are able with a wide range of partners to meet any challenge and complex task assigned to us. Our partnerships have been forged over time and offer our customers flexible solutions to manage their Security challenges.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the conditions under which the Alliance could become your ally in the difficult challenges we face and will face in the future.

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