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Security Consulting

The security decisions you make today can determine the security and resilience of your organization for years to come. Integrated security consulting services allow you to feel more confident about the actions you take to protect your employees, operations, facilities and assets.


Alliance security consultants have decades of experience advising private clients and companies in areas ranging from manufacturing, construction and transportation to education, hospitality and government. We can help you build a strong security environment with services that include current and emerging threat assessments, review and development of security policies and procedures.


Integrated security framework to reduce or even eliminate risks

Based on the best practices that have been tested over time as well as the real experience, our holistic approach is rewarded in the demanding environment of today's, modern companies.

By looking at your security challenges from a variety of perspectives, an Alliance security expert can help you better prevent and deal with threats and plan your security spending in a rational and sustainable way.


Security consulting services include:

  • Threats and vulnerability assessments

  • Overview and development of security policy and procedures

  • Security auditss

  • Security training

  • Security upgrade programs

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